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A collaboration to provide a comprehensive electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia.

DENPASAR, 11 November 2022:

PT Indika Energy Tbk. (Indika Energy), Indonesia’s leading investment company with a diversified business portfolio; Altilium Group; and PT Terra Sustineri Berdaya (TSB) are excited to announce their intention to form a new legal entity to promote, market and license the DNi Process™ in Indonesia. This intention was announced on 11 November 2022 during the B20 Indonesia Net Zero Summit in Bali, Indonesia.

The race to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) and an underinvestment in ore processing plants have led to a diminishing supply of critical battery metals. Significant action is urgently required to develop more processing facilities which are powered by clean technologies.

As a first step, the partnership will collaborate with Indika Energy to commence a feasibility study to build the first DNi Process™ plant in the country. This plant will be designed to produce no less than 16,000tpa of nickel and cobalt in the form of mixed hydroxide product (MHP), although the plant may be designed to deliver nickel and cobalt sulphates. Altilium Group is being advised in Indonesia by PT HB Capital Indonesia.

At its inception, the DNi Process™ was developed to be utilized in Indonesia to process the nation’s rich reserves of critical metals.

Chris Gower, CEO of Altilium had this to say: “We are very pleased to partner with Indika and TSB to develop our DNi Process™ in Indonesia. Our aim is to provide the EV industry with a clean, sustainable supply of nickel and cobalt, and help Indonesia to secure its place as a leading player in the worldwide transition to EVs.”


“Seeing the great potential in the development of electric vehicles in Indonesia, Indika Energy hopes that this collaboration will provide a comprehensive electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia and aims to support the country for a more sustainable future,” said Azis Armand, Vice President Director and CEO of Indika Energy.


TSB Chairman, Heru Dewanto comments: “TSB is excited to announce its partnership with Altilium and Indika Energy to unlock the potential of the world’s richest nickel reserve through the deployment of the DNi Process™, the very first sustainable and zero-waste nickel processing technology. This initiative will position Indonesia as a major player in the EV value chain to foster global energy transition.”

Altilium’s DNi Process™ is a sustainable, zero-waste technology which negates the need for tailings dams and deep sea dumping. It also provides licensees with a more profitable, flexible and efficient solution to producing ‘battery-grade’ MHP. This is achievable because the process extracts optimum levels of nickel and cobalt, alongside other saleable metals (Ni, Co, Sc, Fe, Mg, Al) from the entire lateritic ore profile.

This news follows the recent announcement of significant investment from General Motors (GM) in Queensland Pacific Metals’ (ASX:QPM) TECH Project which uses the DNi Process™ at the heart of its operation. Now in the closing stages of a Definitive Feasibility Study, QPM has signalled to the market that the DNi Process™ makes it possible to source raw battery materials in a safer, cleaner and far greener way.


Altilium Group Ltd is a British company established in 2019, however its operating business dates back to 2008. Altilium has spent nearly two decades pioneering the DNi Process™ to accelerate the global transition to EVs and clean the air and oceans that sustain life on Earth.
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PT Indika Energy Tbk. (Indika Energy) is Indonesia’s leading diversified investment company with key focus on developing new sustainable businesses through its strategic investments in the areas of Energy – coal production (PT Kideco Jaya Agung, PT Multitambangjaya Utama), coal trading (Indika Capital Investment Pte. Ltd.), EPC oil & gas (PT Tripatra Multi Energi, PT Tripatra Engineers & Constructors, PT Tripatra Engineering); Logistics and Infrastructure – marine transportation, ports & logistics for bulk goods and natural resources (PT Sea Bridge Shipping, PT Cotrans Asia, PT Indika Logistic & Support Services, PT Kuala Pelabuhan Indonesia), fuel storage (PT Kariangau Gapura Terminal Energi), coalfired power plant (PT Cirebon Electric Power and PT Prasarana Energi Cirebon); Minerals – gold production (Nusantara Resources Limited); Digital Ventures – IT enterprise (PT Xapiens Teknologi Indonesia); Green Businesses – nature based solution (PT Indika Multi Properti), renewable energy (PT Empat Mitra Indika Tenaga Surya), electric vehicle (PT Ilectra Motor Group).
Ricky Fernando – Head of Corporate Communications,
PT Indika Energy Tbk.


TSB focuses on adoption of niche technologies that support global energy transition to make the world a better place to live. Indonesia’s rich sources of REEs and minerals require new technologies to create new opportunities for business, and transform industries.