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In a groundbreaking initiative poised to redefine nickel processing in Western Australia, Altilium Projects and New Generation Minerals (NGM) have entered into a strategic project evaluation and exclusivity agreement. 

At its core, this partnership is about establishing a cutting-edge processing plant near Kalgoorlie, realising Altilium’s revolutionary DNi Process™. This state-of-the-art technology is meticulously designed for the sustainable extraction of nickel from laterite ore.

The planned processing plant, positioned as a key hub for nickel laterite ore, mirrors the success of Queensland Pacific Metals, leveraging the same innovative technology. With a target production of 16,000 tonnes per annum of nickel in the form of mixed hydroxide product (MHP), the core long-term goal is to produce nickel and cobalt to supply EV and battery markets, with an aim to be in production by 2030.

The parties’ commitment to produce a comprehensive preliminary feasibility study within the next 24 months is further testament to the strategic significance of this collaboration. 

The agreement also grants NGM exclusive rights to using the Altilium technology within a 100km radius of Kalgoorlie, where the mining company has secured an impressive 36Mt nickel mineral resource, with ambitious plans for future expansion.

Altilium’s game-changing DNi Process™ is recognised for its pioneering zero-waste approach to mineral extraction. This environmentally conscious method eliminates the hazards tied to wet tailings, containment dams and sea dumping, presenting a sustainable alternative that is long overdue in the industry.

“Worldwide demand for MHP, the key product produced by the DNi Process™, is growing,” says Chris Gower, CEO of the Altilium Group. 

“At the present time, however, almost all that material is sold to China, particularly by the Chinese-controlled HPAL plants in Indonesia. This project represents a unique opportunity for NGM to process Australian-sourced ore and help satisfy the demand for MHP, especially from British, European and American companies, and contribute to a supply chain which does not significantly involve China. The Altilium team are very pleased to be working with NGM on this project,” he adds.

“The driver underpinning nickel demand is climate change. More nickel projects are needed; in particular, projects which incorporate the ethical mining and ESG standards that end users require,” says Arthur Darivas, CEO of New Generation Minerals. 

“Western Australia has the joint largest nickel deposits in the world and high environmental standards; Altilium’s DNi ProcessTM has the capability to deliver a positive environmental legacy with its residue; and NGM has the ore to feed the plant. We have all the key ingredients to deliver a world scale nickel project in the heart of WA’s nickel district and look forward to working with Altilium to demonstrate commercial viability,” he concludes.

In the end, this collaboration isn’t just about nickel; it’s about reshaping the narrative of responsible, sustainable, and efficient mineral processing.

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About Altilium 

Altilium owns a patent-protected process for the extraction of metals from certain ores as well as mine and process waste. Altilium’s intellectual property involves the dissolving of the feed in nitric acid, the extraction of all the metals present, the recovery and reuse of the nitric acid and the resulting residue (if any) being inert, consisting mainly of silicates. The residue will also contain trace amounts of nitrates making it a weak fertiliser, ideal for blending with topsoil to aid site rehabilitation. Visit to find out more.

About New Generation Minerals 

NGM is a post discovery battery metals and gold exploration company with prime location projects in Western Australia. The company’s core focus is a project to produce nickel and cobalt using the latest processing technology to supply the growing battery metal markets in 2030 and beyond. NGM intends to list on ASX in 2024. Visit to find out more.