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Altilium’s ground breaking DNi Process™ to be used to remediate waste, extract hidden value and deliver a net positive environmental solution.


Altilium Projects (Australia) Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Altilium Group Ltd and RUMBO 5 CERO, of Huelva, Spain, are very pleased to announce the start of the second and advanced stage of test work, using Altilium’s DNi Process™, for the remediation and beneficial processing of some 63 million tonnes of gold tailings – contained in the Gossan tailings dam – from the old Rio Tinto mines.

Deemed “the largest environmental remediation project currently advancing in the EU”, the venture will harness the flexibility of Altilium’s DNi Process™ to convert a historic and important environmental liability into a no-residue site.

The project is set to recover values in gold, silver, copper, iron and rare earths, as well as producing a fertilizer blend, based on magnesium nitrate, which can be used in the rehabilitation of nearby burned forests. Beyond this, any residue will be inert and can be used as silicates for the construction industry.

Balsa de Gossan, Rio Tinto

Orestes Trifilio, Altilium’s Chief Operating Officer commented:

“The far and wide reaching capabilities of our DNi Process™, are being demonstrated in this important project, as well as in other, yet confidential, applications in a variety of different feed materials around the world.

We are very encouraged by the results so far, which show the potential for 100% remediation with a no residue generating process.”

D. Antonio Salas, Rumbo 5 Cero’s Tailings Remediation Project Manager commented:

“After years of searching for an integral and definitive solution to this important and complex environmental remediation problem, we can say today that we are closer than ever to making this – the most important and strategic circular economy project in Europe – a reality, with the recovery and regeneration of mining residues, thereby eliminating the environmental impact.

Rumbo 5 has signed a cooperation agreement with the “Instituto Geológico y Minero de España del CSIC”, for them to proceed with a project evaluation to warrant its viability as well as its results”.


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