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Altilium - Wet MHP Cake


Harnessing the unrivalled flexibility of our DNi Process™, it is now possible to economically produce MHP from very low-grade ore.

We believe this is the first time ever that battery-grade MHP has been produced from discarded ore containing as little as 0.5% Ni.

This pivotal mileston, achieved by the Altilium team in Perth, proves our claim that the DNi Process™ will significantly increase the world’s laterite reserves as low-grade ores now become viable sources of battery metals.

Resource owners and nations with previously redundant reserves can now utilise the DNi Process™ to:

  • Produce MHP from very low Ni head grades
  • Maximise the life of their resource by using lower cut-off grades, and
  • Earn additional revenue from rejected ores that would otherwise become an environmental liability

providing much-needed flexibility and longevity to new or retro-fit projects.

It’s important to also note that MHP produced by the DNi Process™ is of market-leading quality – with a nickel content of up to 48%. Plus, the process generates very low volumes of inert residue which can be dry-stacked and safely returned to the mine.

Add to this that the DNi Process™ extracts all the metals and generates a range of valuable co-products and the maths become even more exciting!

Not only does the DNi Process™ extract most of the nickel and cobalt from the ore into MHP, but it also extracts:

  • aluminium as a hydroxide;
  • scandium into solution;
  • rare earth elements (REEs) into solution;
  • iron in hematite; and
  • magnesium oxide.

With these multiple revenue streams, Altilium’s licensees maximise the use of the resource, optimise revenue and minimise risk.

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